State and Federal Wildlands Management Services

UAV Drones are not allowed in National Parks and will require special waivers from the FAA and permissions from the proper government agency.

Elk Herd Grazing
Wild River

Mammal Ecology and Maintenance

We are able to monitor and survey herds of wildlife with videography and thermal imaging to get migration and health information for large and hard to access species without causing any stress to the animal.

Salmon Run and Waterway mapping

Using Aerial videography and automated orthoscopic mapping we can provide high resolution and precise information for tracking and ecosystem management.


Beetle Kill Pine Surveying

Beetle kill pine is one of the least mapped and understood problems in our forest today. We are able to use many different sensor arrays to see the difference in healthy trees and diseased trees while getting the whole perspective of the damage while mapping all locations.

Forest Fire Hotspot Surveying

Thermal imaging is use to find and map hot spots and to map damaged areas as well as help in search and rescue missions

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